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Question No : 1
In a centralized call-processing solution, there are five sites connected through an IP WAN.
To optimize the utilization of the IP WAN, CAC needs to be implemented.
How should CAC be implemented? Cisco 300-070 dumps exam questions
A. Use a gatekeeper to control allocated bandwidth properly.
B. Use locations CAC with a single location.
C. Use a gatekeeper and Cisco Unified Border Element to provide CAC to sites that use a combination of SIPand MGCP gateways.
D. Use a gatekeeper to only control those locations that use H.323 gateways and a Cisco Unified BorderElement to control those sites that use MGCP or SIP gateways.
E. Use locations CAC with five locations in addition to Hub none.
Answer: E

Question No : 2
Refer to the exhibit.
An engineer is trying to determine the status of the ISDN D Channel on a new PRI circuit, types in the show isdn status command, and sees this output.  300-070 dumps   Which two pieces of information can be determined from this output? (Choose two.)
A. The provider is using the 5ESS protocol.
B. There are four channels.
C. The connection to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager has been established.
D. The D channel is working correctly.
E. No active calls are established.
Answer: D,E

Question No : 3
What is the default option for framing when you configure T1 controller?
A. Super Frame
B. alternate mark inversion
C. C.Extended Super Frame
D. D.cyclic redundancy check 4
E. E.high-density bipolar 3
F. F.No-CRC4
G. G.binary 8-zero substitution
H. Australia
Answer: C,D

Question No : 4
Which two algorithms are valid to distribute calls in a route group? (Choose two.)
A. broadcast
B. circular
C. top-down
D. bottom-up
E. round-robin
Answer: B,C

Question No : 5
Where do you configure the region for a group of devices?
A. Common device profile.
B. Device defaults.
C. Common device configuration.
D. Common phone profile.
E. Device pool.
Answer: E

Question No : 6
If the route patterns 5XXX, 51XX, 513X and 5134 exist within a call route database, which pattern would be matched if the dialed number was 5324?
B. 51XX
C. 513X
D. 5134
Answer: A

Question No : 7
What are two characteristics of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager dial plan? (Choose two.)
A. partitions and calling search spaces
C. dial peers
D. voice translation rules
E. route patterns
Answer: A,E

Question No : 8
An engineer is setting up a system with voice and video endpoints using auto-QoS policy on the switches. Which DSCP values are expected for interactive voice and video?  300-070 dumps
A. F and AF-41
B. EF and CS6
C. EF and CS3
D. EF and AF21
Answer: A

Question No : 9
Which two options are IOS conference bridge types in CUCM? (Choose two)
A. CiscoIOS Enhanced Conference Bridge
B. CiscoIOS Standard Conference Bridge
C. CiscoIOS Software Conference Bridge
D. CiscoIOS Hardware Conference Bridge
E. Cisco IOS Conference Bridge
Answer: A,E

Question No : 10
When implementing a global dial plan, which digit manipulation feature in CUCM does Cisco recommend for adding +1 to all outbound calls?
A. Called party transformation.
B. Calling party transformation.
C. Translation pattern.
D. External phone mask.
Answer: A

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