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How do I get free VMware 2V0-731 dumps? PDF dumps and VCE dumps?

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What is the best way to pass the VMware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 exam? (First: Exam practice test, Second: Lead4pass VMware expert.) You can get free VMware 2V0-731 exam practice test questions here.
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VMware 2V0-731 Exam Video

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Latest VMware 2V0-731 google drive

[PDF] Free VMware 2V0-731 pdf dumps download from Google Drive:

VCP7-CMA Exam – MyLearn – VMware:

This exam tests your skills and abilities installing, configuring and administering a VMware vRealize® environment.

  • Section 1: Create and Modify vRealize Automation Blueprints
  • Section 2: Configure and Manage Tenants and Business Groups
  • Section 3: Install and Configure vRealize Automation and Related Components
  • Section 4: Configure and Manage the vRealize Automation Catalog
  • Section 5: Configure and Administer Fabric Groups and Endpoints
  • Section 6: Extend a vRealize Automation Implementation

Latest updates VMware 2V0-731 exam practice questions

When creating an XaaS blueprint that includes the workflow to create a custom vSphere virtual machine, which field
does an administrator add to present descriptive text to the consumer of the resource?
A. The Integer field element from the New fields list
B. The Text field element from the New fields list
C. The Text element from the Form list
D. The Label header element from the Form list
Correct Answer: C

An approval policy can be applied to which two options? (Choose two.)
A. A catalog service
B. A catalog user
C. An event
D. An action
Correct Answer: AD

Which three options are valid customizable state change workflows? (Choose three.)
A. WFStubMachineDisposed
B. WFStubBuildingMachine
C. WFStubMachineProvisioned
D. WFStubMachineUnprovisioned
E. WFStubUnprovisionMachine
Correct Answer: BCE

lead4pass 2v0-731 exam question q3

A vRealize Automation Tenant Administrator has identified a tenant virtual machine with low CPU and memory
utilization. The owner has been given 5 days to respond to the reclamation request. The new virtual machine lease is
set to 1 day and the blueprint used to build the virtual machine has an archive period of 7 days.
How many days will elapse before the virtual machine is destroyed and the user fails to respond?
A. 5
B. 12
C. 13
D. 6
Correct Answer: D

How does a reservation with a priority of 1 impact the environment?
A. The business group assigned this reservation will have preferred access to the compute resources over other business groups with a priority greater than 1.
B. If a business group has multiple reservations, other reservations will be chosen over this reservation for business groups with a priority greater than 1.
C. The business group assigned this reservation will have less than preferred access to the compute resources compared to other business groups with a priority greater than 1.
D. If a business group has multiple reservations, this reservation will be chosen over all other reservations for business groups with a priority greater than 1.
Correct Answer: D
Reference: The priority field is used if you are going to create multiple reservations for the same reservation policy. For
example, if we had two, the second one we create would have a priority of 2. When a user tries to provision a virtual
machine from the catalog it will use the lowest priority unless it is not available any longer then move to alternate
resources Reference:

Which two areas of the vRealize Automation User Interface could a Fabric Administrator examine to determine current
consumption of computing and storage resources? (Choose two.)
A. Infrastructure > Compute Resources
B. Infrastructure > Reservation Policies
C. Home
D. Administration > Business Groups
Correct Answer: AC

Which three options are valid buttons available under the Schema tab in the vRealize Orchestrator workflow editor?
(Choose three.)
A. Edit
B. Run
C. Delete
D. Validate
E. Debug
Correct Answer: BDE

Which two components are delivered by a load-balanced vRealize Automation virtual appliance? (Choose two.)
A. Proxy Agent
B. DEM Worker
C. Identity Manager
D. vRealize Orchestrator
Correct Answer: CD

An approval policy has been created for use with a catalog item named CentOSWeb. The item is assigned to the
Linux servers service which is included in the current entitlement. The approval policy should NOT be triggered for any
of the other current or future items in the Linux servers service.
Which three steps would assign the approval policy to the CentOSWeb item and produce the minimum number of entitlements? (Choose three.)
A. Create a new entitlement.
B. Confirm that the entitlement is active.
C. Add the CentOSWeb item to the entitlement under Entitled Items.
D. Add the approval policy to the CentOSWeb item.
E. Add the LinuxServers service under Entitled Services.
Correct Answer: BCD

The vRealize Orchestrator Server Configuration for XaaS activity needs to be pointed to an external server for all current and future tenants. The default server configuration is currently in use. Which two options accomplish this task?
(Choose two.)
A. Log into the default tenant as a system administrator.
B. Configure the external vRO connection under the Infrastructure tab.
C. Log into the default tenant as a tenant administrator.
D. Configure the external vRO connection under the Administration tab.
Correct Answer: AD

Which two areas of the vRealize Automation UI could a Fabric Administrator look to determine how many virtual
machines have been provisioned by a specific user along with their aggregate allocated memory and storage totals?
(Choose two.)
A. Infrastructure > Managed Machines
B. Home
C. Infrastructure > Reservations
D. Infrastructure > Compute Resources
Correct Answer: AB

A Business Group Manager, with no additional entitlements, wants to find his business group\’s virtual machines along
with allocated storage and memory totals to help determine the remaining reserve capacity. In which two areas of the
vRealize Automation UI could this information be found? (Choose two.)
A. Home
B. Administration > Business Groups
C. Business Management
D. Infrastructure > Business Groups
Correct Answer: AB

An administrator requires a range of static IP addresses that can be used for provisioning machines on an existing
What action needs to be completed?
A. Create a NAT network profile.
B. Create a routed network profile.
C. Create an external network profile.
D. Create a network reservation policy.
Correct Answer: C

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