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Cisco 300-910 is the latest Cisco exam code for 2020.
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300-910 DEVOPS – Cisco: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/devops-300-910.html

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Latest updates Cisco 300-910 exam practice questions

ConfigMap keys have been mapped to different file names using the volumes.configMap.items field. What is the result if
a wrong ConfigMap key is specified?
A. The default path is not used.
B. The volume is not created.
C. The volume is created.
D. The volume is created with errors.
Correct Answer: A


Which method is a safe way to provide a username/password combination to an application running as a service in a
Docker container?
A. encode the value with base64 in a secure DNS CTEXT entry
B. as an environment variable in the Dockerfile
C. Docker environment variable
D. Docker secrets
Correct Answer: D


When DevOps practices are integrated into an existing organization, which two characteristics are positive indicators of
DevOps maturity? (Choose two.)
A. mean time between success
B. mean time to recover
C. cone testing
D. change lead time
E. age of codebase
Correct Answer: BD


A company has experienced serious growth and the hosted applications are getting more and more hits. Based on the
increased work load, applications have started to show signs of reduced performance, which is affecting the user
Which two server metrics should be tracked to ensure that the customer experience remains within acceptable limits?
(Choose two.)
A. application feature sprawl
B. CPU peak usage
C. CPU average usage
D. microservices count
E. CPU frequency
Correct Answer: BC


The E-commerce application is being monitored using AppDynamics. AppDynamics has noticed that the application
response has degraded and has identified some thread contention that might be the cause of the delays.
Where in the interface does AppDynamics bring this to your attention?
A. Potential Issues section of an individual transaction
B. Transaction Score graph of a business transaction
C. Code Deadlock section of the Event List
D. Slow Calls and Errors tab of the application
Correct Answer: A


Which type of testing should be integrated into a CI/CD pipeline to ensure the correct behavior of all of the modules in
the source code that were developed using TDD?
A. soak testing
B. unit testing
C. load testing
D. volume testing
Correct Answer: B

A. docker attach -it test /bin/bash
B. docker run -it test /bin/bash
C. docker exec -it test /bin/bash
D. docker run test /bin/bash
Correct Answer: C


A DevOps engineering wants to build an application implementation based on the CI/CD pipeline model. Which service
should be used to provide hosted continuous service for open and private projects?
A. Ansible
B. pyATS
C. Genie CLI
D. Travis CI
Correct Answer: D


Which description of a canary deployment is true?
A. deployment by accident
B. deployment that is rolled back automatically after a configurable amount of minutes
C. deployment relating to data mining development
D. deployment to a limited set of servers or users
Correct Answer: D


Which interface is most commonly used to integrate logging, monitoring, and alerting applications into your CI/CD
Correct Answer: C


A user wants to deploy a new service to a Kubernetes cluster. Which two commands accomplish this goal? (Choose
A. Apply
B. Install
C. Deploy
D. Create
E. Expose
Correct Answer: AE


What are two benefits of Infrastructure as Code? (Choose two.)
A. It enables continuous integration.
B. It allows for management control.
C. It ensures consistency.
D. It improves application monitoring.
E. It reduces risk.
Correct Answer: CE

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