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Where can I find free braindumps for exam CV0-002? Geturnet shares the latest and effective CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 exam questions and answers, online practice tests, and the most authoritative CompTIA exam experts update CV0-002 exam questions throughout the year. Get the full CV0-002 exam dumps selection: https://www.lead4pass.com/cv0-002.html (342 Q&As). Pass the exam with ease!

CompTIA CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 Exam Video

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Latest CompTIA CV0-002 google drive

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Cloud+ (Plus) Certification | CompTIA IT Certifications´╝Ühttps://www.comptia.org/certifications/cloud

CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002) reflects an emphasis on incorporating and managing cloud technologies as part of broader systems operations.
It assumes a candidate will weave together solutions that meet specific business needs and work in a variety of different industries.

It includes new technologies to support the changing cloud market as more organizations depend on cloud-based technologies to run mission-critical systems, now that hybrid and multi-cloud have become the norm.

Latest updates CompTIA CV0-002 exam practice questions

A cloud administrator configures a new web server for the site https://companyname.com. The administrator installs a
wildcard SSL certificate for *.companyname.com. When users attempt to access the site, a certificate error is received.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the error?
A. Certificate misconfigured
B. Certificate expired
C. Certificate revoked
D. Certificate not signed
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following will use ICMP to successively check hops between the source and destination?
A. traceroute
B. netstat
C. dig
D. route
Correct Answer: A

A system administrator has been monitoring cloud infrastructure usage over a period of time. The administrator notices
that several hosts are consistently running close to capacity during work hours. To balance the workload across more
hosts the administrator performs a virtual resource migration. Which of the following terms BEST describes the reason
the administrator performed this action?
A. Mobility
B. Utilization
C. Availability
D. Migration
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following may be used to increase data confidentiality when encryption is not an option?
A. LUN masking
B. Zoning
C. Hashing
D. Obfuscation
Correct Answer: D
“To prevent hackers from disassembling data, one of the processes used is obfuscation, which is data scrambling. Data
is purposely scrambled, which renders it unreadable until the obfuscation process is reversed.”

Which of the following will be the BEST option for an administrator to bring VMs online at a warm site after a natural
disaster has occurred at the primary site?
A. Kick off a full backup
B. Request offsite backup tapes
C. Confirm enterprise tape library is functional
D. Verify replication is enabled
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following does the administrator use to consolidate all the VMs into a single IP while allowing access to the
Correct Answer: B

The system administrator created a file sharing service to the cloud for easier access for those working remotely. Which
of the following tests should be performed to determine if services can be compromised?
A. Test storage
B. Test latency
C. Vulnerability assessment
D. Penetration testing
Correct Answer: D

A cloud solution provider offers services solely to the healthcare industry which meets specific security and government
regulations. This is an example of which of the following cloud types?
A. Public
B. Hybrid
C. Private
D. Community
Correct Answer: D

An administrator needs to monitor server applications in the company\\’s data center. Which of the following tools would
the administrator need to accomplish this objective?
Correct Answer: C

A cloud administrator is integrating account logins with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for marketing and to increase
market presence using social media platforms. Given this scenario, which of the following components are needed to
match these requirements? (Select TWO).
B. SAML assertion
C. Security token
D. Identity provider
E. Session state
Correct Answer: ABE

Which of the following is a hardening technique that an administrator would perform when creating a standard VM
template that would be used for deploying servers in a production environment?
A. Create a standard user account
B. Disable unneeded services
C. Establish a performance baseline
D. Follow change management process
Correct Answer: D

An administrator is unable to connect to servers in the DMZ. Which of the following commands should the administrator
run to determine where the connection failure occurs?
A. nslookup
B. traceroute
C. telnet
D. netstat
Correct Answer: B

A user has submitted a ticket to request additional VMs due to long wait times for online ordering. Given the snapshot of
the resources in the table below: Which of the following is the BEST option for the administrator to resolve the ticket?lead4pass cv0-002 exam question q13

A. Add vCPU to the database server to increase capacity.
B. Add disks to the database server to increase capacity.
C. Add virtual network ports to the web server to increase capacity.
D. Add memory to the web server to increase capacity.
Correct Answer: D

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